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airTODO - Project Management Tool

Version 1.28.14


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Open Source PM Tools
Open Source Project Management Software Directory:
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Other PM Tools
  • MS-Project (Commercial)
    - standard de-facto PM-tool
    - stable, powerfull
    - cheap to learn, becose lot of related free stuff and becose you can ask your questions on internet forums
    - recommended for PM-job seeker resume

  • Project X (Commercial)
    - Macintosh, Mac OS X Project Management Tool
    - recommended for medium-sized businesses
    - integrated media capabilities. What does it mean? Opposite to airTODO, allows you to integrate media directly into your project tasks (With airTODO you can attach files, folders, URLs to tasks, but Project X display media content directly in task content. Hmm... Interesting feature!)

  • dotProject (Non-Commercial)
    - BSD-licensed PHP-MySQL web-based project management application
    - Gantt chart support.

  • FastTrack Schedule (Commercial)
    - simple, intuitive user interface - very power tool for PM charts.
    - usefull in presentation stuff

  • FastTrack Schedule for Palm (Commercial)
    - Palm OS (Palm, IBM, Sony, Handspring, and other popular organizers)
    - at a job site, in a meeting, or on a conference call-project details are right at your fingertips for easy viewing and editing.
    - integration with desktop version

  • PM Books
  • Project Management Bookstore
    - good structured bookstore with selected books from
    - classified books with reviews.
    - see below my favorite categories:

  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guides (6 books)
    - Important book from Project Management Institute (PMI), especially if you learn PM, or prepare yourself for PMP exams.
    - Personally, i am not such a fan of PMBOK, becose it far away, from PM practic, but anyway, it must to have book for each PM.
    - You can download PMBOK Guide - Third Edition Excerpts (PDF) from PMI site. (~2M)
    - Unfortunatelly, the FULL Third Edition (latest) is not available for download. You can purchase it at Amazon in paperback.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification & exams (33 books)
    - PMP is the most known certification in project management.
    - Managed by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • PRINCE2 (5 books)
    - PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE)
    - de facto standard for project management in the UK

  • Project Management (Common) (23 books)

  • IT Project Management (8 books)

  • Software Project Management (50 books)

  • e-business & Web Project Management (18 books)

  • Agile Project Management (18 books)
    - Agile project management differs from traditional project management mainly in its undeterministic approach.
    - General idea is: "Human side more important, than scheduling techniques and formalism."
    - airTODO with his minimalist approach and collaboration features become your helpfull conductor in world of powerful agile technologies.

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